Climate Guide
These figures show Antigua monthly average maximum temperatures and monthly average rainfall.
  Temp °C Rain mm 
 January  28 67
 February 28 37
 March 29 40
 April 29 57
 May 30 91
 June 30 70
 July 31 79
 August 31 124
 September 31 140
 October 30 134
 November 30 113
 December 29 88

With 365 stunning beaches on Antigua, you would have to book a year-long trip to experience all of them! Alternatively, book a luxury holiday and choose just a few to enjoy under the glorious Caribbean sun.

All beaches are wonderfully maintained, while the azure-blue of the ocean is calm and serene due to local reefs protecting the coastline.

For a fascinating insight into the island’s past, visit the English Harbour which accommodates museums and former British Navy heritage buildings dating back to Horatio Nelson times.

Luxury resorts offer an array of top quality amenities – from spas to water sports, from infinity pools to delectable cuisine, so there is something for everyone on this vibrant, sophisticated island.

To see Antigua at its most vibrant, visit during Antigua Sailing Week. Attracting yachts of all sizes, this is one of the world’s top regattas comprising challenging and thrilling races over six days. Held every April, the event takes over the island with its carnival atmosphere. Join other international visitors celebrating at the exclusive parties and prize-giving ceremonies.

Useful Information

Flight Information
British Airways and Virgin Atlantic direct from London Gatwick. Private charter flights on request.

Flight Time
From London Gatwick to Antigua: 8 hours  40 minutes.

Flight Upgrades
British Airways upgrades start from as little as £660 per person, each way.

Capital : St John's

Population: 80,000

Language : English

Time Difference : -4 hours

Currency : US Dollar and Eastern Caribbean Dollar ES$ (exchange rate approx ES$4.39= £1)

Voltage : 110/220 volts

Foreign and Commonwealth and Visa Info: For up-to-date country information visit

Antigua Tourist Office: For resort information visit