Climate Guide
These figures show Malaysia monthly average maximum temperatures and monthly average rainfall.
  Temp °C Rain mm 
 January 33 50
 February 34 47
 March 34 91
 April 34 159
 May 32 256
 June 32 218
 July 31 233
 August 31 249
 September 31 339
 October 31 344
 November 32 215
 December 32 94

Malaysia is an intriguing country split into two parts, separated by the South Chinese Sea. The bustling capital of Kuala Lumpar (or ‘KL’) lies on the Peninsular Malaysia, while over the water is Malaysian Borneo - home to remote tribes and dense jungle.
On the Peninsular, Chinese, Malay, India and British cultures create a beautiful blend. KL is one of Asia’s largest cities with skyscrapers and numerous shopping malls. Home to the famous Petronas Towers, the city also offers travellers cultural pastimes such as art galleries, museums and Lake Gardens.
Malaysia is a country rich in natural landscape. Escape to Terenggau for jungle treks and river excursions, or enjoy the diverse marine life off Tenggol Island with a diving or snorkelling trip. The ‘Island of Legends’, Langkawi is home to many luxury resorts and offers the discerning traveller opportunities to explore the glorious environment which comprises waterfalls, mountains, paddy fields, forests, sleepy villages, beaches, tropical bird sanctuaries and night markets.
The annual month-long period of fasting, Ramadan, is observed in Malaysia. Malay life slows down with public areas becoming busier, and restrictions are put in place, such as eating in public and drinking alcohol. In 2013, Ramadan begins on July 9th.


Useful Information

Flight Information
Malaysia Airlines from London Heathrow to Langkawi (via Kuala Lumpur); British Airways and Qantas from London Heathrow to Singapore or Singapore Airlines from London Heathrow and Manchester to Singapore, with onward connecting flights to Langkawi. Flights with Emirates (via Dubai) from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcas

Flight Time
14 hours 25 mins From London Heathrow to Langkawi

Flight Upgrades
British Airways (Club World) upgrades to Singapore start from as little as £900 per person each way.

Capital : Kuala Lumpur

Population: 27,565,821

Language : Malay is the national language.English is widely spoken.

Time Difference : +8 hours

Currency : Malaysian Ringgit (exchange rate approx RM 4.82 = £1)

Voltage :240 volts

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