Climate Guide
These figures show India monthly average maximum temperatures and monthly average rainfall.
  Temp °C Rain mm 
 January 21 19
 February 24 15
 March 30 15
 April 36 8
 May 39 17
 June 39 53
 July 35 220
 August 33 257
 September 34 126
 October 33 24
 November 28 5
 December 23 8

The magic of India is utterly spellbinding. This huge country captures the imagination with its frenetic cities, majestic palaces, national wildlife parks, charming politeness, Himalayan landscapes and Keralan spices.
India prides itself on exceptional service - some of the world’s most luxurious hotels are here. The wonderful diversity of cultures and climates provide the perfect destination for exploring an intoxicated country with many contradictions.
The cuisine changes as you travel, ranging from chilli-hot vindaloo to coconut-infused grilled fish. Every bite promises to be a revelation – just like India itself.
India may be a country of innovation and growing wealth, however it maintains many traditional values. For example, visitors are expected to dress modestly, especially when at the magnificent places of worship.

Be delighted every day by India’s kaleidoscope of colours, blend of religions and diverse ecology. India protects some its most beautiful wildlife so an excursion to a national park to spot rare Bengal Tigers is a treat. Or, take a winding railway journey up to the tea plantations of Darjeeling.
The famous landmarks are even more beautiful than on the postcards - the spectacular Taj Mahal is enthralling, and the beaches of Goa and backwaters of Kerala are a blissful escape.