Climate Guide

These figures show Sicily monthly average maximum temperatures and monthly average rainfall.

  Temp °C Rain mm 
 January 12 83
 February 13 75
 March 16 68
 April 18 62
 May 23 45
 June 27 37
 July 30 19
 August 30 35
 September 27 75
 October 22 97
 November 17 117
 December 13 98

Exploring Sicily is a journey through its chapters of history. The island’s cosmopolitan legacy is present all around in the temples, churches, ampitheatres and ancient settlements. From classic Hellenic to Romanesque architecture, from austere Norman structures to elaborate touches of Arabia, you are surrounded by astonishing evidence of Sicily’s former colonists.

Visit the Temple of Segesta, which was built by the island’s indigenous people, the Elymians, in around 420BC. Nowhere is Sicily’s rich diversity in heritage more striking than in enchanting Palermo. The cultures left their stamp on the city’s cathedral, which boasts parts that were adapted to reflect their civilsation’s style.
Sicily’s nature is just as theatrical. The boastful Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano, forms a dramatic backdrop to beautiful landscapes, golden beaches and the azure shoreline.
Head to the Nebrodi Mountains for verdant forested hills, or explore the rugged terrain of central Sicily. Almonds grow in orchards, local grapes produce wine, and spring brings a burst of fragrant blooms.