Climate Guide
These figures show Cyprus monthly average maximum temperatures and monthly average rainfall.
  Temp °C Rain mm 
 January 16 103
 February 16 76
 March 18 56
 April 21 26
 May 24 12
 June 28 4
 July 30 3
 August 30 2
 September 29 3
 October 25 31
 November 21 53
 December 17 106

Although relatively small, Cyprus exudes a diverse character with numerous cultural influences and offers something for all travellers. From beautiful beaches and olive groves, from Greco-Roman architecture to mythical gods and goddesses, you will be enchanted.

The island generously offers visitors a cornucopia of breathtaking views.  Admire the pine-covered Troodos Mountains in the west, churches perched on peaks and quaint hamlets nestled on the hill sides. Sleepy villages are scattered around the Arkamas peninsula where visitors head for a taste of traditional Greek coffee.

Paphos is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite. Its romantic air carries through with its tree-fringed boulevards, fashionable eateries, beautiful beaches and historical sites.
While in Cyprus indulge in the authentic cuisine that delights all tastes. For a rich variety of foods, order the classic meze which includes the utterly divine halloumi cheese made from local goat’s milk. 

When you have had your fill of fine dining, sightseeing or beach-lounging, the island is perfect destination for adventure too. Pony-trekking, biking, jeep safaris, parasailing, rock-climbing, golfing and sailing are just some examples of the thrilling activities available.

Useful Information

Flight Information
British Airways from London Heathrow to Larnaca and from London Gatwick to Paphos. Cyprus Airways from London Heathrow to Larnaca and Paphos. UK regional departures and charter flights are also available. 

Flight Time
4 hours 25 mins From London Heathrow

Flight Upgrades
British Airways upgrades start from as little as £90 per person, each way.

Capital : Nicosia

Population: 803,147

Language : Greek

Time Difference : +2 hours

Currency : Euro

Voltage : 240 volts

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