Climate Guide
These figures show Crete monthly average maximum temperatures and monthly average rainfall.
  Temp °C Rain mm 
 January 13 55
 February 13 49
 March 16 46
 April 20 29
 May 25 21
 June 30 11
 July 32 5
 August 32 6
 September 29 12
 October 23 53
 November 18 61
 December 14 75

Boasting a sun-drenched coastline stretching 1,000 kilometres, Crete is waiting to be explored! With its collection of secluded coves, stunning bays and majestic mountains it is no wonder so many visitors come here to seek luxury refuge.

Europe’s longest gorge, Samaria Gorge, is worth an excursion. At 11 miles long, a walk through this national park is an unforgettable experience. Home to endangered animal species and a rich variety of wild flora, the gorge’s width undulates from just 3 metres to 150 metres.
Scents of orange blossom and jasmine envelop travellers who are free to discover the island’s rugged interior with its sweeping plains and plateaus. Ancient ruins of Knossos, Phaistos and Gortys offer a wonderful taste of the Cyrpus’ rich archaeological history. The Venetian fortresses of Rethymo, old mosques and Byzantine monasteries all add to the island’s mystical ambience.
Escape to the serenity of hillside villages where you may spot a shepherd herding sheep, or hear the echo of traditional Cretan music. No visit to Crete is complete without a generous helping of local cuisine. Not only is the delicious, fresh good available in abundance, but it is said to promote long life!