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Visit Producers of Local Cheese and Wines
The Alentejo is one of the most fertile and productive wine regions in
Portugal, boasting wines that will surprise you with their excellence, aromas and colours.  Who would want to miss a wine tasting session?

Visits are possible to different craftsmen and local producers of cheeses, local liquers, olives, olive oil production, cured meats, jams and other regional delicacies.  Each area has its own sweets!
For all these products a great deal of investment has been made by the producers to achieve certificates of quality.

Cork and Marble Production Processes

The Alentejo is also the largest producer of cork in the world. Cork trees are in abundance everywhere so when shopping it is no surprise that most shops have all sorts of items made from cork including bikinis, bags and purses.

In addition not too far away are the marble towns of Estremoz and Vila Vicosa where local marble quarries have given an opulent look to many of the buildings.  Portual is the second largest exporter of marble in the world and about 85% of this is produced around Estremoz.  The marble has been used for centuries as a material for sculpture and architecture and there is so much in this area that it is used everywhere, even the doorsteps, pavements and the cobble stones are made out of marble.

Arts and Crafts
The Alentejo offers an interesting diversity of pottery and painting, work in leather and hide and also blankets, covers, rugs and tapestries.  Even today embroiderers can be seen sitting in the street doorway to their houses continuing to create, stitch by stitch, the traditional designs.

Jeep Safaris
Various jeep safaris are available including excursions with wine, cheese and olive tasting, finding the Megaliths, discovering Monsaraz and discovering secluded monuments off the beaten track.  Please ask for a quote.

     Walking Tours
Different walking tours are available either guided or unguided on specific walking tracks where you may immerse yourself in nature.  These tours can just be one day or several days, as you chose.

Explore a river or lake calmly
Canoe trip with rapids
Sea Kayaking