The nine emerald green Azores islands set in the mid Atlantic were first discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th Century and are now a nature explorers paradise and holiday haven. 

The Azores islands are still considered to be remote even in this day of plane travel. But for over five hundred years they have provided a useful stepping-stone for sailors crossing the Atlantic. Now in the 21st century due to its strategic position in the North-Atlantic, in the triangle with the three continents Europe, America and Africa the islands strategic position is highly appreciated by military men in both Europe and America.

The archipelago is made up of nine islands, running in a chain over 360 nautical miles. The Santa Maria island is 875 nautical miles from Europe and Flores island is 2,250 nautical miles from America..

The Azores have plenty to offer as a holiday destination. There are unparalleled adventure sports, exceptional fishing, whale-watching and hiking, or you may wish to simply chill out amongst some of the most breathtaking and tranquil landscapes in Portugal.

With their high craters, boiling pools, subtropical vegetation, cascading waterfalls, friendly people, and mild climate, the Azores islands really must be seen to be believed.

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Futher information about the Azores Islands can be accessed via the Azores Tourist Office website