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The American Queen Steamboat portrays life on the Mississippi enjoying it's music, food, southern heartland culture and fascinating history ...

The River of Legends - Flight Inclusive Holidays

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New Orleans to Memphis (10 Nights/11 Days)          

15, 29 Apr 03, 17, 31 Mar, 14 Apr
13,  27 May, 10, 24 Jun 28 Apr, 12, 26 May
02, 16, 30 Sep 09, 23 Jun, 06, 20 Oct
11, 25 Nov, 09 Dec 03, 17 Nov, 01, 15 Dec





The River of Legends - Flight Inclusive Holidays
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Lower Mississippi River Cruise Package (10 Nights / 11 Days)

This tailor-made itinerary takes you on a magical voyage from the ‘Big Easy’ to the ‘Blue City’ … journey upstream through the southern states and experience the culture, the music, the food, America’s Civil War and antebellum history along with the true hospitality of the Deep South.
In New Orleans take in the ambience of the fine restaurants and cafes in the French Quarter, the Jazz Clubs in Bourbon Street and the strolling musicians in Jackson Square.
Music is the heart and soul of Memphis and is home to many artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, BB King, Otis Redding and, of course, Elvis who has solidified it’s reputation as a musical Mecca – the association is close with Priscilla Presley being Godmother to the American Queen Steamboat! In between these glittering cities you will find traditional plantations, elegant antebellum homes, magnificent gardens and oak trees taking you back to an era of hoop skirts and cotton fields. This is the real soul of the Mississippi River..sit in a rocking chair on the American Queen’s Front Porch and watch it unfold before you..

Steamboating the Lower Mississippi River, the American Queen will take you to Louisiana favourites Oak Alley and St Francisville. In Mississippi, enjoy the historic towns of Vicksburg and Natchez.The historical town of Helena in Arkansas then leads to Memphis 'The Blues City'. Immerse yourself in the literature, music and culture of the South, as well as its traditions, history and cooking. Each of the cruises has a general theme (as stated above) and the on board Riverlorian and guest speakers will give daily lectures around the history and culture surrounding the theme and the entertainment will also follow along the same lines.



Day 1 - Arrive New Orleans, USA

Fly from London to New Orleans, USA.
Private transfer to the Hilton New Orleans Riverside for a two night stay .





Day 2 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Welcome to the Big Easy, a vibrant and energetic city sure to keep you entertained and satisfied while you prepare for your voyage up the Mississippi!  Indulge yourself with the treasures of New Orleans, as you uncover iconic cuisines spiced with the cultural flavors of the city’s past, explore the unique sites and attractions lining the historic streets as seen in the famous French Quarter, or admire the beauty of nature in the stunning Garden District or City Park.

Day 3 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Today is the big day! Spend your last day here in the city of New Orleans before embarking on the luxurious American Queen to begin an unforgettable journey! Join us for an American Queen Exclusive excursion as guests experience New Orleans' rich historic past, eclectic beauty and return to glory as ongoing efforts continue to bring this American gem back to her original lustre.

The morning Premium Excursion is a narrated driving tour where you will experience the city from an intimate first-person perspective. Relax in the comfort of our motorcoach as we glide past some of the most iconic attractions in the city including the French Quarter, Jackson Square and the Garden District, where elegant mansions stand as a testament to Greek revival, Italianate and Queen Anne Victorian styles.

After the excursion you will be taken to the American Queen for embarkation.

After you are comfortably aboard the American Queen, wave “Au Revoir” to New Orleans as we set off on an incredible adventure up the Mighty Mississippi!  


Day 4 - Oak Alley, Louisiana

Located in the Saint James Parish, Oak Alley is a much-photographed plantation that combines architectural splendor and the natural wonder of its 300-year-old oak trees. Spend time strolling beneath the canopy of these trees, and learn about the rich history and culture of this southern estate.


Complimentary Tour (No Hop-On, Hop-Off Option):
  Disembark from the American Queen and walk across the street to enjoy the beauty and dream of Oak Alley’s rich past. Located on the Mississippi River between the historic Louisiana cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Oak Alley Plantation has been called the “Grande Dame of the Great River Road”. Nowhere else in the south will you find such a spectacular setting! The quarter-mile canopy of giant live oak trees, believed to be nearly 300 years old, forms an impressive avenue leading to the classic Greek revival style antebellum home. The setting will remind you of the movie “Gone with the Wind” and makes you feel like you are on a Hollywood movie set. Oak Alley’s adaptive restoration in 1925 by her new owners, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stewart, was the first example of antebellum restoration along the River Road. Through the years, Oak Alley was the scene of many events affecting those who had given her a second chance at survival in the struggle against time and the elements.

Day 5 - St. Francisville, Louisiana

Established in 1809, St. Francisville is the oldest town in the Florida Parishes. Below where St. Francisville is located currently, was a settlement called Bayou Sara in the 1790’s. When this settlement was destroyed by flooding and fires, many of the structures and artifacts were hauled up the bluff into St. Francisville, where they are still standing. The town is referred to as “two miles long and two yards wide,” but that definitely doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer! Stop in at one of the unique shops, historical homes, beautiful churches, or breathtaking parks and you will agree with that! Spanish moss trees grow throughout the town, which creates a beautiful southern comfort to the atmosphere.

Included Hop-On Hop-Off Tour:
Royal Street:  Guests can hop off here and walk over to The Republic of West Florida Historical Site. Or choose to stroll into Grandmother’s Buttons, a very unique southern boutique. Take a stroll down Royal Street at any of the shops or just to admire the beautiful trees and homes. Or stop into Grandmother’s Buttons – a unique boutique that offers jewelry made out of 100 year old buttons. Inside the store, you can visit the button museum to learn the history of the business and the inspirations of the art. The store is located inside of a former historic bank lobby with 16-foot ceilings and a bank vault, even if jewelry is not in your plans – the architecture is beautiful!

Old Market Hall: Become steeped in southern charm and local artistry. Stop at Harrington Gallery to experience one-of-a-kind paintings and beautiful pieces by local artists. Visit the Shanty Too, a quaint boutique featuring artisan jewelry and gifts. The structure was built in 1819 and has a beautiful open layout. Now, the building is used as a market center for the town to host their small businesses. Every day is different, you may see anything from jewelry and makeup, scarves and dresses, or snacks and produce!

West Feliciana Historical Society Museum: Learn about St. Francisville and Louisiana’s history and culture. Also, feel free to stop at the West Feliciana Parish Library and relax with a good book or newspaper. This museum is dedicated to the history, people, and architectures of West Feliciana Parish. Built inside a former hardware store built in 1896, the Historical Society Museum displays many artifacts, photos, costumes, and articles all portraying the history of St. Francisville. Just across the street, you can stop in any of the fine boutiques and shops!

Grace Episcopal Church: Originally built in 1827, this restored Gothic structure is one of the oldest Protestant churches in Louisiana. Learn about its significance during the Civil War and its’ historical Civil War cemetery. Built in 1860 and rebuilt in 1893 after the Union caused heavy damage in 1863, Grace Episcopal Church stands tall in St. Francisville. Enjoy a self-guided tour of the church and the grounds and make sure to check out the organ located inside – it dates all the way back to 1860! This church is one of the state’s oldest Protestant churches that still stand today.

Day 6 - Natchez, Mississippi

This charming river town was first inhabited by Natchez Indians and French explorers who shared the land. It was founded in 1716, making it the oldest city on the Mississippi. The city is known for its elegance, hospitality, and impressive preservation of history – found on every street corner throughout Natchez. Guests enjoy the unique shops, restaurants, museums, and historical homes located in Natchez, all of which contribute to Hugh Bayless’ book, “The 100 Best Towns in America.”

Included Hop-On Hop-Off Tour:
Rosalie Mansion - A Union Headquarters for Natchez during the Civil War built in 1823. This 1716 mansion was built by the French as a fort on the bluffs of Natchez. The Mississippi State Society Daughters of the American Revolution have since gained ownership and have been maintaining the house and grounds since 1938. On this guided tour, hear the history of the house and the artifacts from an expert tour guide dressed in period clothing. Guests can explore the extensive gardens, gift shop, library, or carriage house before they leave.                                                                                                                   
Natchez Visitor’s Center - Learn about the river in this beautiful southern town, visit exhibits, or shop at the gift shop! Enjoy a short, 20-minute video in the Visitor’s Center Theater and hear about the history of Natchez upon arrival. Then, explore the building at your leisure. At the entrance a scaled display model of the city is showcased. Stop in the office for some general information and questions about the town and its history, including town highlights and points of interest.

William Johnson House - An incredible, historic 3-story brick house constructed after the 1840 Natchez tornado. William Johnson was known as the “Barber of Natchez”; he began as a slave and gained his freedom at age eleven. After his freedom, he began to work his way up in society, eventually becoming almost fully accepted within society. As the town barber, William Johnson was able to hear the stories and gossip of many of the residents, which he documented in his diary for over 16 years. His 3-story brick home was built in 1840 and showcases many

Magnolia Hall - This fully restored mansion was owned by a wealthy cotton broker and merchant and was built in 1858. This Greek Revival Mansion was built in 1858. The house was built before the breakout of the Civil War in town but did suffer some damage – a cannon ball was actually launched into their kitchen! It is now fully restored – the main floor offers a showcase of many antiques and furnishings and the upper floors offer a costume collection located in the Historic Clothing Museum. Tour the house and then stop in the gift shop for some souvenirs.

Stanton Hall - A magnificent, Antebellum Classical Revival Mansion built on an entire city block of Natchez. Irish Immigrant and cotton merchant Frederick Stanton built this Palatial Greek Revival mansion in 1857. It was appraised at $83,000 during that period, even before it was furnished. Take a 30-minute tour of the house – which takes up the entire block and is fully furnished. Afterwards you can stop for lunch in the Carriage House Restaurant, known for their fine southern cuisine.

King’s Tavern and Charboneau Distillery - Step off the American Queen Motorcoach and step through the front gate leading to the second floor porch of this 1769 building – the oldest structure in the city of Natchez. Join us for an American Queen exclusive tour of the King’s Tavern – a newly opened restaurant and bar, owned by Regina Charboneau, a nationally recognized chef, and her husband Doug. Here you will begin a guided tour of the bar with a custom drink on the house, followed by an exclusive tour of the distillery located just next-door. Don’t miss out!

Natchez Association for the Preservation of Afro-American Culture Museum - View photographs and artifacts or hear the history of African-American heritage in Natchez and Adams County. Here, learn the history and culture of the African Americans in Natchez over time. Guests can hear the stories or explore the many exhibits that portray the hardships that African Americans suffered and those that prevailed in a time period which allowed for minimal success to the entire race. Add another dimension of Natchez history by stopping at this museum.

Day 7 - Vicksburg, Mississippi

Vicksburg perfectly blends Southern culture and heritage with exciting modern-day attractions. Described as the “Key to the South” by Abraham Lincoln, this southern town carries a history unlike any other Civil War city. Vicksburg was founded in 1811 and grew as a vital river port city. It was a major component to the Civil War and carries much of the history within the town. Today, Vicksburg is a popular spot for tourists to learn about the battles of the city, taste the cuisine, visit the many museums, and pick out the perfect souvenier.

Included Hop-On Hop-Off Tour:
Church of the Holy Trinity: This Episcopal Church is over 125 years old and house 6 Tiffany stained-glass windows. This incredible church spans over 125 feet long, 52 feet wide, and reaches 61 feet high to the apex of the roof. The church was constructed in Norman style, finished in red brick, though it showcases zigzag tracery which was highly unique to the style at the time. The stained glass windows may be the main draw – there are 34. They were given as memorials and six of them were created by Tiffany Studios in New York under the supervision of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Anchuca Mansion: Anchuca, meaning “happy home” is one of the most significant antebellum homes in Vicksburg and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1830 and provided shelter for those suffering during the War. The word Anchuca derives from an Indian word meaning, “happy home”, which is the exact vibe this home gives off. Built in 1830 by politician J.W. Mauldin, Anchuca is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. During the war, the house was used as a shelter for those who had suffered. Tour the home and its beautiful furnishings.

Old Court House Museum: Built in 1858, this building stands as the most historic structure in Vicksburg, hosting speakers and guests like Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, and more! Construction for this colossal courthouse began in 1858 and was completed miraculously just two years later in 1860 for $100,000. It was restored after the tornado of 1953 swept through Mississippi by Eva Whitaker Davis. Now, the courthouse is filled with countless artifacts including, confederate flags, portraits, the trophy antlers won by steamboat Robert E. Lee in an 1870 race, an original Teddy Bear given by Theodore Roosevelt, and many more!

Yesterday’s Child & Doll Museum & Biendemham Coca-Cola Museum: Take a self-guided tour as you enjoy and remember life through a child’s eyes. Learn the history of an America’s beloved soda in this 1890’s-furnished museum. Located directly across the street from one another, these two Vicksburg gems are close to the hearts of many residents. Yesterday’s Doll Museum was featured in Delta Magazine and Dolls Magazine. Enjoy a self-guided tour featuring over 1,000 dolls and toys dating back to 1843. At Biedenhard Coca-Cola Museum enjoy the wide variety of Coca-Cola memorabilia in an authentic candy store and soda fountain setting.

Lower Mississippi River Museum: Listen to the risks and benefits of life surrounding the Mississippi River and learn the Federal Government’s role the Mississippi’s past and present. This museum’s mission is to show the Federal Government’s role in the Mississippi’s past as well as future efforts to maintain a healthy river. Guests can explore showcases of the history of Vicksburg and the region or exhibits about the 1927 flood and how it affected Vicksburg and the Mississippi River. Learn about the fish of the river up close in the museum’s 1,515 gallon aquarium or choose your own adventure on the river with the Mississippi Trail Interactive exhibit! (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

Old Depot Museum: Featuring the world’s largest collection of ship models and a collection of riverboat models and naval vessels with Mississippi names. Also, the museum offers the only diorama of the Siege of Vicksburg, shown in a birds-eye view of the battlefield with 2,300 miniature soldiers. Formerly a depot for the Grand Trunk & Western Railroad, this museum has over 150,000 historical and genealogical items in its collection. It features a scale-model village of the buildings important to the development of Vicksburg and the South Kalamazoo County Region and outback guests can check out the caboose! Before you leave, make sure to check out the gift shop!

Day 8 - Scenic River Cruising

SteamboatingRelax on deck with a copy of Huckleberry Finn or another imaginative selection borrowed from our revered Mark Twain Gallery, enjoy some quiet time in the Ladies' Tea Parlor, or recruit your fellow guests for an exciting board game in our Gentlemen's Card Room. For a remarkable one-of-a-kind experience, take a guided tour of the American Queen's Engine Room to explore the inner workings of our classic, steam-powered vessel or take in a guided tour of the Pilot House where you can witness the latest high-tech electronics that help us navigate our innovative paddlewheeler up the changing currents of Old Man River in modern-day America. There is always plenty to do between dawn and dusk on the river!

Day 9 - Helena, Arkansas

In the Valley of Crowley’s Ridge, sits the small town of Helena, Arkansas.  Helena dates back to 1833, and was once a bustling, thriving southern city.  Today, Helena would seem to some as a town that time forgot.  While the rest of the country was building shopping centers and interstate systems, Helena struggled to stay afloat amidst all of the progress.  Big changes drew small businesses away from Main Street U.S.A. and into strip malls.  Convenience took over, where simplicity once stood.  Today, Helena is in the throes of a revival. With quirky boutiques, unique stores and a historic musical past, Helena remains proud of the life they continue to successfully sprout from the ruins of the past. For in through the dust and rubble, new life for this determined Southern town is emerging.  Helena welcomes American Queen guests to play a large part in their re-birth.

Included Hop-On Hop-Off Tour:
Delta Cultural Center - Learn the history of the Delta and its Blues as you visit two tour locations: the Depot and the Visitors Center. Experience the history of Helena through two interactive museums – The Depot and the Visitor’s Center. The Depot features the exhibit “A Heritage of Determination” which depicts the history of the Delta from its earliest inhabitants through the settlement and Mississippi River Floods. Upstairs there is an exhibit called “Civil War in the Delta” which explains the Battle of Helena.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church - This church located in West Helena was designed by Charles Earnes and built in 1935. It features extravagant brick work, interior design, and a breathtaking steeple that stay true to Middle European traditions. Built in 1934 and designed by architect Charles Eames. This was his first large commission – Eames was known instead for his modern furniture designs. In that time, people were used to Renaissance-style churches. This church is medieval-esque, designed to resemble the world—half in light and half in dark.

Freedom Park - This Park was designated as an important part of the National Park Service’s National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom. Here you can admire monuments of the African-American Experience in the Civil War era. This Civil War Interpretive site includes 5 major exhibits that explore the African American experience in Helena. The exhibits follow the journey of the African Americans from fugitive slave to freedom, and even enlistment in the Union Army for others. The park is the first site in Arkansas to be designated for inclusion on the National Park Service’s National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program.

Fort Curtis - A replacement to the original Fort Curtis built in 1862, the New Fort Curtis gives visitors the chance to hear the history of the original and its reconstruction as they see an earthen fort firsthand. This reproduction of the Union’s Civil War Fort was named after the Union General in command – Samuel R. Curtis. The fort was one of 5 positions which allowed for Union soldiers to form a Confederate attack on July 4th, 1863 to recapture the city and relieve the siege at Vicksburg.

Moore-Hornor House - Visit this architectural beauty built by Arthur Thompson in 1859. It offers an impressive example of both Greek revival and Italianate architecture and is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

Pillow-Thompson House - Jerome B. Pillow built this amazing house in 1896. Today it is fully restored back to its original beauty so that guests have the chance to visit a fine example of Queen Anne Architecture. Built in 1896 by Jerome B. Pillow and designed by architect George Barber. It is a prime example of Queen Anne architecture in the south and is the only home Victorian home in Arkansas with full-wood construction. Many of the original furnishings remain on display.

Helena Museum - Guests will be amazed to hear the history of Helena and its ancestors as they tour this museum. Explore artifacts of Native American Indians, the Civil War, Thomas Edison, and Mark Twain, among many more incredible pieces. This museum started out as the Hook and Ladder in 1874, which was a volunteer fire company that started lending out books and newspapers. The department slowly began acquiring donations of historic artifacts eventually leading to an expansion in the 1920’s to accommodate the new additions. These artifacts are now on display for guests to view at their leisure.

Day 10 - Disembark in Memphis, Tennessee
Tie up in Memphis and bid your steamboat adieu.

Private transfer to Memphis Airport for flight to London, UK or extend your stay by choosing the two night American Music City Stay - see details below.



Day 11 - Arrive London UK

Memphis - The American Music 2 Night City Stay Package

Don't let your lower Mississippi Cruise end at the dock.  Music is the heart and soul of the city of Memphis.  Extend your American Queen Cruise with our Post Cruise City Stay and explore the musical roots of this Southern Belle.  Our Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel is just a short trolley ride from Beale Street home to such musical genres as Rock N Roll, Jazz, Soul and the Blues.  Visit the Rock and Soul Museum before heading to the legendary Sun Studio.  Don’t forget to take a stroll through the Historic Peabody Hotel to see the world famous Peabody Ducks. 

  • The American Queen exclusive Post Cruise King's Memphis with Graceland Premium Tour with transfer to the Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel
  • Luggage Handling
  • Two nights at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel
  • Two full American breakfasts
  • Admission to Sun Studio, Rock 'n' Soul Museum and The National Civil Rights Museum.
  • A two-day Memphis trolley pass
  • Local American Queen Steamboat Company representative to answer questions
  • Private black car transportation from the Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel to Memphis International Airport


The River of Legends - Flight Inclusive Holidays Special Offer
Save up to 250 per person on selected dates in 2017 and Save up to 200 per person on selected dates in 2018. Bookings must be confirmed by 31 May 2017. For 2017 bookings confirmed by 28 April 2017, you will also receive a $100 per person onboard credit!
Cruise Prices

Guide Prices are per person based on 2 persons sharing a cabin include:

  • Return scheduled flights (Economy Class) from London UK
  • Two nights pre-cruise stay at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel including Full American Breakast
  • Seven nights luxury cruise on board the American Queen including all meals, drinks with dinner (wine and beer), complimentary coffees, bottled water and soft drinks included throughout the voyage
  • On board 'showboat' entertainment each evening and daily lectures from the resident Riverlorians relevant to the themed cruise and history of the river
  • One American Queen Premium Excursion and complimentary shore excursions in each Port on the 'Hop On Hop Off'  coaches
  • Private transfers to and from airports and shared transfer from hotel to boat
  • All Port Charges
  • Full ATOL financial protection
Additional Charges
  • Any additional Premium shore excursions
  • Gratuities - $16.50 per person, per day in 2017 and $17.50 per person, per day in 2018
  • Bar drinks (soft drinks complimentary)
  • Club/Premium Class Flight Upgrades (prices on request)

Inside Double Cabin (Category E) Texas/Observation Deck

From £2895 per person

Outside Stateroom with Bay Window (Category D) Cabin Deck

From £4065 per person

Memphis - American Music City Stay Package - Double Occupancy

From £499 per person